Support Plans – List of Contents



The contents of a typical support plan is not exhaustive, everybody is an individual, however for some understanding of what is covered as a basic minimum our client’s support plans include the following:


    • The extent of involvement in their own care
    • Their family’s involvement
    • Their friend’s involvement
    • Their advocate’s involvement
    • Their G.P.’s involvement
    • Their carer’s involvement
    • Other health professional’s involvement
    • The extent of  their personal care
    • Their Physical wellbeing
    • Their Dietary needs
    • Any Dietary preferences
    • Any Nutritional needs
    • How the client likes to interact
    • Their language needs
    • Any medication they may be on
    • Any self medication
    • If there is any propensity to aggression / violence
    • Any personal interest or hobbies.
    • Any Social, Cultural, Ethnic, Religious needs
    • Any support with dressing / undressing
    • Any support needed for bathing, showering.
    • Any personal grooming care required.

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