Hobbies and Interests

disabled woman cuts flowers in the gardenAnyone in our care will have had, at some time at least, hobbies and interests. We consider it a responsibility of ours to help them maintain/redevelop those interests wherever possible and, if circumstances arise, to explore new hobbies and interests.

With the right support any of our community can pursue their hobbies and interests and we believe it to be an essential part of living.

These could include:

  •  Gardening
  •  Modelmaking
  •  Flowerarranging
  •  Embroidery
  •  Radio / TV
  •  Playing / listening to music
  •  Reading
  •  Writing
  •  Drama
  •  Drawing / painting
  •  DIY
  •  Sport
  •  Games
  •  Visiting the pub

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